Even with ergonomically designed tools and work environments, manufacturing remains one of the most physically strenuous fields of employment. The fabrication of metals, plastics, and other materials and goods is dangerous labor. And this is not only in terms of work environment where workers operate machinery and tools that can easily maim a person.

dreamstimelicensed4Many manufacturing jobs require the worker to lift, carry and move awkward shaped or heavy items around the production floor. Though on the surface these seem to be rather simple tasks, they can expose a worker to an increased risk of injury. On one hand the work can be fairly light but repetitive, but within an instant it can quickly become heavy and physically demanding work. The lower and upper part of the torso and shoulders are involved with both elevation and rotation of an object. Though the worker does not always experience immediate pain, repetitive activities can cause gradual traumatic injuries over a long period of time. and the damage can be severe.

dreamstimelicensed5A study performed by Liberty Mutual earlier this century states that “overexertion” and “repetitive motion” are leading causes of of injury in the manufacturing sector. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that annually between 5.6% – 6% of the workers in manufacturing, and even as high as 7% in some sub sectors, will be injured. Damage caused by manual handling/lifting remain the main culprits of injury in the workplace.

PSR®, Professional Safeguard Resources®, for 25 years has specialized in preventing human capital injury losses (primarily back injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries, falling injuries) and all types of effort related CTD’s (Cumulative Disability Disorders) and MSD’s (Musculoskeletal Disorders) in the labor intensive, HRIE (High Risk Injury Employees) workforces, including primary manufacturing and distribution companies from Mohawk Industries and Daltile to Nestle NA.

PSR® is Unique in Occupational Safety
  • Imprinted Biomechanics® – well beyond memorized body positioning and muscle memory
  • Tested – Based on 1,000 years of integrated mind/body sciences and 3 decades in U.S. industry
  • Reflexive – Workers respond to changes, anticipated or not, with highest physical efficiency
  • Enhanced Stability – Significantly reduces incidence of slips, trips, and falls
  • Prevents injuries – Spine, low back, neck, shoulders and all exertion strain including hernia
  • Adaptive – Optimal stability/leverage becomes the working default for ALL physical work
  • Productivity – Enhanced physical performance with decreased absenteeism and disability
  • Self Maturing – High percentage of workforce requires minimal follow-up throughout their career
  • Sustainable – Establishes a workforce culture of self-strengthening safety
  • Infinitely Scalable – Using certified client facilitators for peer to peer training
  • Licensed Training Technologies –Supported by implementation aids, training tools, and continued facilitator recertification

PSR® is considered an exclusive, sole source system by major U.S. Corporations as well as Federal and Municipal Government Entities.

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