Your employees
are your most valuable asset.

Prevent injuries. Increase Productivity.
Create a physically sustainable workforce.

Problem & Solution

In labor intensive industries you cannot completely engineer the physical risk out of the workplace, the work is the risk.

The PSR solution impacts industries where there is a limit to ergonomic redesign, there is no standard positional training due to a constantly changing environment, and there is a physical performance demand.

The PSR solution teaches employees to use their body as one unit, reflexively utilizing the strongest muscles in the most biomechanically efficient way. Employees develop self strengthening behavior that leads to a significant reduction in disabling injuries.

If the work is not making you stronger it is breaking you down.

Jack Kanner, Founder

Clients experience an immediate impact with Injury Reductions of over 60% within 18 months.


Material Handling
& Freight Distribution

Workers and drivers spend their entire day moving heavy merchandise and performing repetitive movements in changing environments, concurrently having productivity requirements.  This often leads to musculoskeletal injuries, if not from a single incident, then over sustained periods of time.

Patient Handling,
Healthcare & Nursing

Manual patient handling can’t be eliminated even with team transfers and assisting devices. It is in the ongoing routine and the unanticipated circumstances, of this care-giving yet labor intensive industry, with patient comfort always being paramount, that leads to the risk of injury.

Emergence Services,
Firefighters & Police

Due to the physically demanding and unpredictable nature of their work, emergency services are frequently injured in the line of duty. The solution for preventing injuries must be reflexive and parallel the employee’s significant performance needs.

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  • Completely found a new and more effective way to do this job. Through this training I believe that overall the drivers will be able to grow stronger through implementing these steps.

    Ernie, Route Relief
  • I discovered a safer way to lift and life changing techniques that I will be able to use for the rest of my life and teach others.

    William, Route Training Mentor
  • Very skeptical at first. After going through the two day class I am so happy I did. Can't wait to apply the principles to everyday life.

    Adam, Route Training Manager
  • I was shocked how much our company can change how we can lift to prolong employees careers and limit injuries.

    Mark, Service Coordinator (7 year veteran)
  • PSR is the most practical approach to safe handling of extreme weights available for the freight beverage industry.

    Dave, Director of Human Resources
  • If I had been taught this course 16 years ago I would have avoided two back surgeries.

    Richard, Unit Leader

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